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I have been trying any diets and there are no diet programs that work well for me and I’m really surprised that there is even Venus Factor diet plan that looks promising and it indeed works well. Exercising while dieting is something common that every person should do if wanting to lose weight and there are a lot of diet programs that suggest those things. Caveman diets, blood-type diets, raw food diets, no carbs diets, and so on promise best results, but what I had to experience was having constipation and digestion problems instead of losing weight.

Venus diet seems promising at first, but it is alright to have some worries or hesitation about how it will end up. It makes me glad to know that it works for me as it is really a potential diet plan that still combines both exercise and diet in which our hormones will be taken into consideration. The idea is simply amazing and the system is simply different from other common diet programs. If you want to give it a try, it is really highly recommended because the significant weight is truly experienced by myself which is really surprising even for me.

What is Venus Factor Diet?

John Barban is the genius person behind Venus Factor diet since he is the one inventing this diet.

venus factor review john barbanThe diet is actually for women so I really recommend this diet plan for women with excessive weight problem who have been trying any diet programs and on the gym or workouts for years without any results. It is mentioned by him that this diet is not related to cardio exercises, pre-packaged or restrictive diets, even exercise machines, or diet pills that are totally have no effects on us. It is all about calorie deficits and maintenance that can start our metabolism.

Of course, there is also explained about how men and women should have different kinds of diet and there are some reasons why Venus Factor diet becomes the best one that should be tried, especially for women in order to burn fat and speed up metabolism. There are two reasons that I know why we are as women need to be treated differently when it comes to diet from men’s:

  • When I’m on a diet, the leptin levels will automatically drop twice and much faster if compared to men during their diet. It then means that the weight loss that men plateau much slower if compared to the women’s.
  • It is also said that the respond that women have to leptin signals is three times lower and with no use of it to its maximum, then we have to call it as leptin resistance.

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Venus Factor Package: What’s Inside!

1. The Essential Fat-Loss Diet Guide. You will learn about the right food types that will increase Leptin effectiveness and resistance in your body, and it also modified to make you healthier, fit and stronger.

venus factor essential fat loss diet guideOn this exercise plans not only just to burn fat level, but also to get a healthy body in general in order to achieve lasting change

I was thrilled to find a product that focuses on that important factor wholefully. Out there you will discover many programs that make you lose weight, but very few will give a lasting changes.

Modern research found that muscles burn fat, so more muscle that you have, the more fat you’ll burn. Some programs out there just focus only on the diet part. Maintaining muscle is really an important part for your weight loss programs.

Why we often see most people who want to weight loss rarely success? Because extreme low calories diet will lower your Leptin level. Leptin hormone control your metabolism, apetite and other important factor on your fat loss programs. As a women you must pay attention because our Leptin levels are different from men.

2. The 12-Week-Workout-Program. You can use this ultimate 3 month program (twelve weeks) in gym or your venus factor 12 week workout programown home. If you want to build classic feminine hourglass shape that you really want, this weight loss workout program give you easy to follow step by step workout.

You can easily accessed online or download any time you want, this privilege will give you an easy way without helping from personal trainers to shape your body.

3. The Virtual Nutritionist Software App. Actually you can save your budget from hiring personal trainer and nutritionist. This app gives you the fast and reliable way to counting calories and proteins in your diet into your ideal needs. This app will become your best friend for reminding you to eat your perfect meal portions, every single time.

4. The Venus Index Podcast. Gives you a way to tune in with other woman struggle and experience on reaching the success. When you hear motivational story around you, it will become a part of you ass well, you will be hearing this podcast every night to reshape your mental for losing weight program.

5. The Venus Community. You also get access to Venus Community support, you can read and get tips from other Venus users, share your inspirational stories, asking question, and great recipes in weight loss.

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The List of Venus Factor Pros

  • High Flexibility. It is really hard for me to find the right diet program as usually some essential nutrients should be eliminated, like sugar-deprived and carb-deprived. This not even works well because after losing weight, I can gain weight easily after my big effort. After losing weight with the help of this program, I do not gain weight easily just like when I did the other programs. That is why it is practical and flexible that anyone would definitely like.
  • Supporting Community. Although the diet plan seems easy, but if having no motivation, it is hard to get the best result. So, with the Venus Factor, there is a community of women that can be your support. I got so much strength and encouragement during my diet with Venus so I barely thought to stop doing it as it became more fun.
  • Complete. ‘Complete’ here means that this program has all things women need in order to lose weight practically. I experience it how the program has both exercise and diet plans, but not only both of these main keys, the helpful tools are also available without being difficult to follow them.
  • Part of Lifestyle Changing. Excessive weight actually happens due to poor lifestyle and I admit it that I’m taught by Venus about how to have the right a good lifestyle mindset. It is not only about 12 weeks that I have to complete and that is all. The good thing about this program is that they really lead me to have this diet plan to be the part of my new lifestyle. It means that the weight loss that I have achieved needs to be sustained. I do not want to have weight loss but I indeed want to keep my lifestyle on the right path, so Venus helps me a lot as I learned many good things and use good tools in order to have a healthy lifestyle.

Venus Factor Cons

  • Unfortunately, this diet program is only for women, so it is not designed for men.
  • If you want just lo lose a few pounds, then this program is not for you, Venus Factor focused on whole body transformation.
  • It takes discipline. You have take commitment to change your lifestyle (eating and exercise). John Barban modified this program strictly for your success or you will never get what you want.
  • This is also only available in PDF form in which if you need to bring it anywhere in a more flexible way, you need to print them or put it on your gadget.

How Venus Factor Works

venus factor review weight loss girlThe system that is used by Barban in order to make the diet plan succeed is by resetting both leptin levels and body fat and both will also be re-wired to its most effective fat burning level.

John Barban discover this system and discover Metabolic Override (MOR). This strategy will accelerate Leptin substance and make women’s body respond it optimally. It works so great, you are even allowed to do cheating days, although i don’t recommend you to do that often.

It is alright and safe because the program is definitely designed to work well with our hormones that are indeed not the same as men have. What promises that are truly kept by Barban through this diet plan are:

  • Losing fat permanently. Unlike other diet programs that will lead us back to the previous weight or body shape, Venus helps us to get the permanent fat loss, so no more fat on the thighs, butt, hips and stomach just like us often worry about.
  • Boosting metabolism.
  • Preventing weight loss plateaus.
  • Having high energy levels.

Is It Hard to Follow Venus Factor Program?

it’s not hard, actually it’s easy for me to follow, first step when you joined the program you’ll fill your username and password for log in into Venus Factor website that only for members. You will be welcomed by introductional helpful video tell you how to get started.

You will also get ‘Venus Factor 101 PDF’ (with helpful, easy to follow screenshots) about where to access all program part. And you also get involved in online community that support your need about Venus Factor questions.

The virtual nutritionist software is so easy to use, first input your current measurements and it will show you the protein and calories recommendation once a week.

One advantage of Venus Factor is that its easy to complement with special dietary requirements. And if you want “fixed for you” diet solution include detailed calorie and nutritionally meal plans are available for full 12 week program.

For beginner there are “How To” instructional videos that will help you through some parts of the program. If you not used to workout don’t worry because there are some demonstration video that will help you understand the move correctly and safely at home. You can access the video on your phonem so it will easy for you to follow the instruction.


I got everything I want only in 12 weeks and it is good to have done a number of different exercises. But it is really surprising that we will automatically do it even after a couple of weeks afterwards. I myself already commits to the program for life as it is good to have a healthy, good-shaped body without having any harmful side effects. No constipation, no bloating, no digestion problems that will happen just like when we do any other diet programs. This time, I encourage you all to try this Venus Factor Diet as it is truly worth trying and no need to wait long for the great results.




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